Nuclear Structure and Function Resources

WWW.CELLNUCLEUS.COM -- a recent initiative by Dr. Michael Hendzel (University of Alberta) to gather and organize information on nuclear structure and function. An excellent source of lecture material such as movies and images of nuclear compartments and bodies. The published review archive may also be useful to novices in the field.

Introduction to the Cell Nucleus--Links to the introductory chapter on the cell nucleus from the classic textbook Molecular Biology of the Cell.

Gwen Child’s introduction to the structure of the cell nucleus containing specific information pertaining to the Cell Nucleus as a whole, the Chromosomes within the nucleus, the Nucleolus and the Nuclear pore.

Nuclear Structure and Function-- a review for the layperson (from the Cook lab, Oxford).

Jim Bone's Chromatin Structure and Function Pages-- a now classic website with comprehensive resources, including: job and conferences listings; links to researchers in the field; and a HOT papers listservice.

Dimitry Pruss' Chromatin White Pages-- a exhaustive listing of almost every researcher studying chromatin and nuclear structure and function.

Biochemsitry of Chromatin--Jakob Waterborg lectures and slide presentation on intro to the biochemistry of histones

Gene Structure and Function News Group-- a Bionet newsgroup (remember these?) devoted to nuclear structure and function. If you have a question or want to post a position in your lab, this is the place to go!

The Lamond Lab-- Home pages of Dr. Angus Lamond, molecular organization of the mammalian cell nucleus. From here you will find information on nuclear organisation and protein components of the nucleolus, sub-nuclear bodies (i.e. splicing speckles, cajal bodies etc.) and pre-mRNA splicing machinery.
-Available in Flash and plain vanilla HTML, a continually changing and perhaps over-the-top multimedia extravaganza but fun all the same

The Spector Lab-- Home page of Dr. David Spector (Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory), protocols for the study of splicing speckles and movies of the dynamic aspects of splicing factor movement mammalian cells

The Sedat Lab-- Home pages of Dr. John Sedat, a good site for 3D imaging information and 3D images and movies of chromosomes and nuclei.

Tom Misteli's Lab--protocols, images and movies involving live cell analysis using fluorescent proteins and photo bleaching.

Nuclear Protein Databases and Resources

NHGRI/NCBI Histone Sequence Database

TelDB telomere information center
-Telomere Protein Database

TRANSFAC transcription factor Database

Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Subcellular Catalogue
list of >2400 ORF and their subcellular localisation from Munich Information Centre for Protein Sequences (MIPS)

Prostate Nuclear Matrix Database

DExH/D Protein Database

HoxPro Database-- Hox Protein Database

NuReBase-- Nuclear Receptor Database

Nuclear Receptor Resource --The Nuclear Receptor Resource (NRR) Project is a collection of individual databases on members of the steroid and thyroid hormone receptor superfamily (Georgetown University).
-Glucocorticoid Receptor Site

Thyroid Hormone Receptor Resource --Good resource link to other nuclear receptor databases (Harvard).

Steriod Receptor Associated Protein Database

HMG protein Resources
HMG protein Resource (NCBI)
Michael Bustin's HMG protein page

Nuclear Protein Resources from Rein Aasland
Polycomb and Trithorax Resources
PHD Finger proteins
SANT domain proteins
SAND domain proteins
Chromoshadow domain proteins

Chromatin Remodelling Protein Resources (Swi/SNF, ISWI etc.)
Swi/Snf proteins--maintained by Jonathan A. Eisen

Kingston Lab pages


Human Genome Project Mapping Resource Center-- a host of bioinformatic tools and sequencing projects

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) --Unigene, Entrez, Pubmed... etc. the gold standard bioinformatics website.

Pedros BioMolecular Research Tools-- everything you will every need.

NCBI Blast Sever-- Multiple organism and fully integrated with Pubmed and Entrez

C. elegans Blast Server-- from the Sanger Institute

Drosophila BDGP Blast Server

S. cerevisiae MIPS - BLAST Similarity Search against Yeast Sequences

S. pombe Blast Server -- from the Sanger Institute
Gene Discovery
ENSEMBL Human Genome Browser

Human Genome Working Draft-- gateway to the Golden Path human genome sequence browser and annotated database

Protocols and Reagents

Antibodies and Probes
Antibody Resource

ABCAM -- Lots of antibodies

Upstate Biotech-- Good source of anti-histone and histone modificaiton antibodies

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories-- Good secondaries for co-immunofluorescence

Zymed-- More antibodies

Molecular Probes-- Home of Alexa fluors

Cloning Vectors
Cloning Vector search engine

The Cloning Vector Collection

Shortcuts to molecular biology protocols

Protocol Online-You lab's reference book

LabVelocity--locate scientific products, protocols, literature and news.

Bionet.molbio.METHDS-REAGNTS-- newsgroup for protocols and reagents

Resources in biomedicine and molecular biology
Specific Protocols to Nuclear Structure and Function
Angus Lamond's Protocols

Spector Lab Protocols


Protein Analysis

ExPASy Molecular Biology Server-- comprehensive list of protein analysis tools and websites
Protein domain and motif identification

InterPro Home

ISREC ProfileScan Server


SMART - Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool

NCBI CD-Search

SBASE-- Protein Domain library

Superfamily-- HMM library and genome assignment server
Prot-Prot Interactions
BIND - The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database

DIP Database of Interacting Proteins (mostly redundant with BIND)

Yeast PathCalling Home Page from Curagen